NHS Retirement Planning Appraisal Service

Given legislative changes to pension provision, it has, perhaps, never been more important to assess your existing arrangements (both NHS and private). The new rules provide some potential threats but more importantly, some opportunities if acted upon appropriately.

To ensure you stay ahead of the “pensions game”, it is important to regularly consider the following points:

  • Do you have a full understanding of where you currently stand in relation to these new rules?
  • Do you have a full appreciation of what you have already achieved by way of retirement provision or whether any shortfalls exist?
  • Do you understand if (or how) your current planning might be altered to better address changing legislation?

We appreciate that, as a NHS professional, much of your time will be devoted to work; hence, your personal wealth management may not demand the full attention that it deserves.

As a wealth manager specialising in, and fully conversant with, the complexities to the NHS Pension Scheme, we can offer you a bespoke Pension Assessment to help you find answers to these important questions. The service will offer:

  1. A valuation of your NHS Pension, including lifetime allowance implications and deemed contribution.
  2. An assessment of existing private schemes (including details of charges, fund assessment and growth achieved).
  3. A Lifetime Allowance assessment
  4. Recommendations of any shortfall in provision allowing for new rules.

Upon conclusion you will receive an individual report based on your existing provision and any changes required given the new rules.

If you do feel that our services may be of help, please do contact us – we look forward to hearing.

The levels and bases of taxation and reliefs from taxation can change at any time. The value of any tax relief depends on individual circumstances.