The Financial Coaching Programme

The sports professionals we deal with have been coached from an early age in whatever their discipline. We understand that as a professional sports person you have dedicated all your time from an early age towards success in your sport. Usually though money or financial matters are less well coached and many of the people we meet for the first time say things like “I’m not great with money” or “I never know what to do for the best and it ends up getting spent”. This is normal because you haven’t been coached in how best to deal with the money you earn. Our programme, designed by advice director, Matt Rickard, allows you to focus on sport while filling in the gaps in your knowledge and coaching you to have better habits.

Habits, good or bad are powerful. Matt has developed a programme where you can tell us what you would like us to help you achieve during and after your sports career and we will design not only the financial solutions to get you there, but more importantly develop your mindset with money to help you stick to your goals. Through annual 121 reviews we will coach you to keep to your goals and plan ahead as your circumstances can change.

Within sports, many players can perceive risk in a way that the media or other players have passed on to them. This may not be entirely accurate and could lead you to making decisions based upon knowledge that may be incorrect. Our advice director, Matt Rickard has found over his years working with sports professionals that “players do things because others do them. There is a natural bond within a dressing room that leads to trust but not necessarily accurate advice.” We want to treat each of our programme members as individuals and educate them to make informed choices on what is accurate and not on what is perceived.

The Right Type Of Relationship

As our programme together is for the long term, it is vital that you meet and interview us to see if we meet your expectations. Our most important criteria with professional sports people is that they understand that a career in sport is typically short and you must look ahead with us.

We will help you to focus on what is ahead, think differently and prioritise what is truly important to you.

Matt Rickard, our advice director says this:  “I love the honesty in the title of ex England international Kieron Dyer’s book, ‘Old Too Soon, Smart Too Late’. It sums up perfectly what can happen even if you reach a very high earnings level but make the wrong choices”.

We encourage our clients to think in ways they may not ordinarily think and in meetings, Matt regularly has things like this said to him “you’re a lot different to other financial advisers I’ve met, its like life coaching and money all intertwined!”

Don’t be 40 and bankrupt because you wasted your money in your 20’s. There will normally be enough to have a great lifestyle during and after your playing career as long as you’re wiser with your money! For the right people, we can help this happen.

Working Within Your First Team

We will work alongside your existing agent, accountant, solicitor and tax adviser to ensure that you receive a complete service tailored around your unique circumstances.

Where necessary, we will spend time with these other professionals on your behalf to educate them on areas they may not fully understand to help you get the best service. We also rely on them to aid us in developing you and over the years our knowledge has grown by working with people in the above fields. When we all work together our team gets stronger!

Our Role Within Your Team

Career focused financial management, which includes:

  • One to one, personal financial coaching, including budgeting
  • Career and life protection, including professional injury insurance
  • Tax efficient investment planning
  • Mortgage advice and arrangement
  • Structured retirement planning
  • Second career planning
  • Wills and Trusts
  • 24 hour investment valuation service

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Will writing involves the referral to a service that is separate and distinct to those offered by St. James’s Place and along with Trusts are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The St. James's Place Advice Guarantee

Many sports professionals are sceptical of advice because of stories passed around the dressing room or through the media where players have been sold investments that have turned out to be incorrect for their circumstances or fraud in rare cases. Our adage is that “if that something sounds too good to be true then it usually is!”

The advice given by advisers within Professional Wealth Strategies is guaranteed by FTSE 100 company St. James’s Place Wealth Management.

St. James’s Place guarantees the suitability of the advice given by members of the St. James’s Place Partnership when recommending any of the wealth management products and services available from companies in the group, more details of which are set out on the Group’s website.